To become a librarian…or not?

5 Aug

I just got back from a wonderful vacation to Pennsylvania.  It was fun to show my best friends where I grew up.  Sometimes I forget how much growing up in a land of cornfields, on an Amish farm for eight years, and the magic of nature really shaped the core of who I am.  It felt worlds away from Boston because it is.  Coming back to driving in the city and getting lost on the freeway immediately made my shoulders tense up and pulled my mouth down into a frown.  I hadn’t seriously considered moving to PA until this visit.  And now I’m seriously considering it.  I guess it’s true that there’s no place like home for some people.  Over the course of the days I visited PA, I began to imagine what my future could look like there.  I madly searched for houses for sale–they are miraculously large for the price and in such lush settings.  My sister and I even drove to a few.  I also searched for jobs.  Which leads me to my current debate: to become a librarian or not?

Recently I have been thinking about other careers I could pursue. Since I have a broad (& sometimes wild imagination), these ideas range from the more practical of librarian to the somewhat outlandish graphic designer.  I think I would really enjoy graphic designing, but I have no background in it and have never taken a course in it in my life.  Other ideas have included opening up a brewery that also serves as an artistic space for open mics, small theatre production music etc.  I also think I’d be a good art center director, interior decorator, baker (or chocolatier), volunteer coordinator, mentor, and food taster.

Ok, so when I started this post, I wasn’t totally decided, but I just had a great talk with my roomie and today found what sounds like a great online program for MLIS.  I think I have actually decided I’m going to do this. YIKES!! And: EXCITING!!! And: HOORAY!!

Here’s why I think I will enjoy becoming a librarian: 1) I LOVE reading.  I love books and talking about them.  I like recommending books to people and enjoy helping kids find their “home run” book.  2)I like people.  I enjoy building relationships and over the past years have particularly enjoyed discussing books with kids.  3) I am ready for a challenge. I’d like to have a new (and obtainable) goal in my life.  Plus, I love learning and being in school.  So what if I already have a Masters? I loved getting it and it’s helped my work tremendously. 4)I would love to learn more about online technology and how that can help the masses access information. 5) I am an excellent read alouder (yes, a word we created at ReadBoston) as well as a pretty good storyteller (thank you minor in theatre) 6)Working for 11 years at a literacy non-profit has built a solid foundation around children’s literacy and literature as well as helping people find pleasure in reading.

So, yeah.  Doing it online will allow me to continue working and if I ever decide to move to a more rural area, it won’t affect my completion of the degree.  Holy wow, I think this might happen.  My goal is to try to start in the Spring.  Change is good.

My next post will be more fun, I promise. It’s going to be about kick-ass reading and beer bumper stickers! 🙂

2 Responses to “To become a librarian…or not?”

  1. Molly August 5, 2011 at 12:44 am #

    Farbs, Write my sister Sylvie: She has a double masters in library science and children’s literature and is the middle and high school librarian for a charter school in Northeast DC. Tell her I gave you her info. I know she’d love to chat with you about your ideas.

    • mzpinetree August 5, 2011 at 1:37 pm #

      Thanks, Molly! I will get in touch with her! 🙂

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