Fun Bumperstickers

9 Aug

So, as promised, a fun post about beer and reading bumper stickers (with one biking one thrown in because it’s just too awesome not to share).

This bumper sticker was on my old car and I got an excellent beep and thumbs up from someone while driving on the road about it (he actually mimed reading a book!):Here’s the one that’s on my car currently:

Here’s the one that’s on my bulletin in my house because it’s a little too explicit for my car (I sometimes drive to my sites and I don’t wan the kiddos seeing it…and it may be a little too aggressive for the public too, but I find it incredibly amusing):

This is also one that is hanging on my bulletin board inside (my roomie found it for me):

This one is funny and kind of true:This one is for my roommate (she loves puns):

And here’s one about biking that’s also on my bulletin because it’s too risqué to actually put on my car (but awesome):


I wish I had a beater car to just plaster with tons of awesome bumper stickers!! That would be totally rad! What are your favorite bumper stickers?

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