The Waiting Game (good food & good books are distracting)

29 Aug

I went and applied to MLIS(Master of Library & Information Sciences) school!! Woot, woot! Now I’m waiting to see if I get accepted. If I get accepted, then I’ll have to wait for classes to start. Lately I’ve been feeling like my whole life is waiting and it’s really starting to frustrate me.  About a year or so ago I realized I was unhappy living in a big city.  It came on a bit suddenly, but once I started thinking about it, I realized how much I had outgrown the T, the throngs of students during the school year and throngs of tourists during the summer. I’m over it. First, I thought about moving just outside of the city to the north shore or south shore of Boston. Quickly, I realized that wouldn’t be financially feasible in time for the start of this upcoming year.  Then I thought about finding a new job, but that didn’t work out either. I’ve been waiting to have some extra money so that I can buy a beer kit and start making my own brew. It feels like for a long time I’ve been waiting for something new or different or fun to start and it just hasn’t. And it’s driving me a bit nuts.

It’s also causing me to lose sight of living in the moment.  Moving out of the city is the bright light at the end of tunnel for me.  Some days I feel like I’m barely floating above water.  It’s hard to think beyond just getting through the day sometimes…it’s causing me to become a lot more depressed, and unaware as a person than I usually am….and that really sucks.  I’m feeling stuck and I’m having trouble motivating myself to do things that I know will help me feel less stuck. Things that would help me to feel more hopeful.

Here are some things lately that have helped me to keep hope in sight: I joined the Y! I’ve already taken a cardio kickboxing class and a zumba class! Both super fun and an excellent work-out.  My face was beet red by the end of the kickboxing class, but I felt great! And zumba is like a high-energy dance party where you never stop dancing!!! This photo cracks me up! Once I get my moves down, I’ll have to get one of these snazzy outfits:

I got to drink a new-to-me Pretty Things Beer–American Darling. EVERY single beer I’ve ever had of theirs is amazing. Plus, this label has a hand-drawn lawnmower on it. Come on, who wouldn’t want to drink this beer? Here’s a photo of the Pretty Things collection we’ve got growing on the top of our fridge:

I’ve been trying to cook more and that’s been great. My friend and I cooked up a feast last weekend that included a roulade with cucumbers (from my earthbox) & ricotta, stuffed tomatoes (from our CSA), and a thrown-together sort-of gazpacho–delicious.  Here are some photos:


Salad I created with cukes, nectarines, olive oil & red sea salt

Stuffed tomatoes

Eating outside makes everything taste better

I just finished The Magician King by Lev Grossman. It was a fantastically great book to escape into–whenever I started reading it, I was transported to that world and didn’t think even once about my own life. Score. I just love books that transport you into another world so quickly and marvelously. This book reminded me a lot of The Chronicles of Narnia, which I adored as a kid, only darker and funnier.  I actually laughed out loud a few times at the sense of humor in this book, which is pretty rare for me when I read a book (not laughing out loud, that I do pretty regularly), so I guess the author and I have a similar sense of humor.  I love the first book in this series too,The Magicians, so I recommend both to folks who enjoy a good magical, adventurous story full of magicians and talking animals and such.

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