Mass Brewers Fest Roundup

5 Sep

On Friday night I attended the 2011 Mass Brewers Fest at the Boston World Trade Center.  It was held on the veranda, for lack of a better word, with 25 local breweries set up at tables providing beer samples.  It was a lovely evening, with the first hint of Fall in the air with a touch of coolness as the sun set.  There was live music, a great view of the Boston skyline, good friends, and of course, lots of beer.  Nearly all the folks at the tables were friendly and more than willing to tell you about the beer samples they had brought.  Here were some of my personal favorites

Wachusett Brewery   Pumpkin Ale.  Yummy, yummy, yummy.  For the past few years I’ve adored Shipyard Pumpkin Ale, and have never tried anything else, but I’m so glad Wachusett had their Imperial Pumpkin Ale available to sample.  It was smooth with great pumpkin flavor, but it also had  hints of cinnamon, and nutmeg–the perfect combination to bring Fall to the taste buds.  I loved it. I will be buying more of this soon (but not until summer’s officially over, darn it!).  This is a new addition to Wachusett Beer and was just introduced in August. I also tried a Pumpkin Stout from the Mayflower Brewing, but it wasn’t nearly pumpkiny enough for my taste.

Jack\’s Abby Brewing  I had just read about this brand new brewery  started by three brothers (opened up six weeks ago) so I was quite happy to see them at the Fest and to try their beer.  I tried two different samples, Smoke & Dagger and Copper Legend.  Each was super smooth and very drinkable. The Smoke & Dagger was a dark black beer with lovely chocolate and coffee undertones and very little hops. It was 6% ABV. I look forward to drinking more of their delicious beer. I hope they are available in local stores soon, if they aren’t already (I asked them on FB and hope to hear back from them!).Rapscallion Brewery I had tried their beer once before at Deep Ellum, an awesome bar in Allston (if you live in the area, you should check it out-awesome beer, and a great back patio), but haven’t had one in a long while.  They were delicious! I tried Blessing, a high alcohol ( 8%) beer with a spicy, yeasty taste that just tasted so good! A friend got Honey and she liked that too. Honey is an extra pale style ale infused with local wildflower honey. Yay for supporting local honey!

Blue Hills Brewery I tried their Watermelon Wheat and it was delicious! Now, I’m a big fan of fruity beer, so this may not be to your liking of you don’t like fruity beer. It tasted like they had squeezed a watermelon jolly rancher into a beer. And  yes, it tasted GOOD.  I would like to try this again, because honestly at that point of the night I was pretty tipsy so perhaps my taste buds were not at their finest in determining flavor. I hope it’s as good as I remember!

Of course, my pals Clown Shoes Beer and Pretty Things were there too.  I tried Clown Shoes latest beer, Muffin Top. It was potent! Very high alcohol content and a very intense taste.  Pretty Things had amazing stickers and I picked up many of them to adorn various items in my house :).

All in all, a wonderful night of tasting beer with some good friends! I look forward to my next beer event! (Nothing planned yet, but I am sure something will pop up!).

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