My birthday: a reflection of some moments in my Life

19 Sep

So, next Saturday, the 24th is my birthday. To me, I consider my birthday somewhat of a holiday, or more like a week (or more!) celebration! I like to think about what’s happened in the past year and what dreams and goals I have to look forward to in the year to come.  Growing up birthdays were always a special, joyous, and much heralded event.  Since I had many siblings, we couldn’t have big parties every year, but we took turns so I had a big party about every other year.  Some memorable ones: the year my parents rigged a cake so it floated down the creek like it did in the Tasha Tudor book (see image below), the many years of sleepover birthday parties in tents in the back yard full of ghost stories, boy stories, and peeing in the yard, visiting Gnome Countryside (a truly magical place), and in general, feeling good about celebrating another year of being Alive.  I’m happy to report that even though I’m no spring chicken, I still really enjoy my birthday and enjoy celebrating and reflecting  This year I decided to try to blog every few days this week about some memorable moments in my life. Maybe it’ll give you a better idea of the journey that’s led me to be me (and I do consider it an ever going journey).

First up are my memories of living in Arizona when I was one year old.  My parents, who were hippies at the time, lived on a Navajo Indian Reservation in Greasewood, AZ, where my mother was a teacher and my father watched me.  I have a few snippets of memories of baking delicious smelling cakes with my father.  I remember the one time it snowed and how in awe the Indian children were to see snow.  How my father showed them how to make snowballs and participate in a snowball fight.  I remember the giant looms the Indian women wove on–the big wooden structures with string and bright colors of turquoise, green, red, and yellow.  I remember, just a tiny bit, the red of the desert surrounding us and how the sun looked different there–more orange and the shadows longer. Someday I’d like to go back–perhaps on a future birthday?





One Response to “My birthday: a reflection of some moments in my Life”

  1. Smedette September 19, 2011 at 8:56 pm #

    That sounds awesome.

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday.

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