Fall: a time for beer, reading, & tweeting

11 Oct

Last week I got an awesome Twitter “lesson” from my co-worker.  I am now deeply immersed in the world of twitter and I have to admit, I’m loving it! One way that my co-worker put it was, “It’s a way to disseminate information, gather information, and listen.” As a future librarian, who is learning every day how important technology and sharing and accessing information is, I’m happy to explore this particular online world of “conversing”.  While on twitter, I found this article about what to think about when considering a career of librarianship :So you’re going to library school…

Ever since I spoke with  my advisor, I’ve been thinking about the many “outside-of-the box” possibilities that librarianship can encompass.  He encouraged me to think of working outside of an actual building–and to think about other “spaces” that could work to serve people.  This way of thinking–creatively, flexibly, ever-changing–is enormously exciting for me. I am the sort of person who thrives on learning new skills while at work, and not repeating the same tasks day after day. An ideal work environment for me includes thinking creatively, being flexible, seeking out new trends/ideas and applying them, as well as working with people. I’m hopeful a career in the library field will fulfill all of these requirements.

Ok, now for some fun things.  These iPod/iPhone chargers made from old books are awesome and look great when you aren’t using them (not a bunch of wires, hooray):  Book charging stations

Over the summer I read Freedom by Jonathan Franzen.  It was enjoyable, but I’ve heard even better things about his Corrections and I’m looking forward to reading it very soon.  I just read Game of Thrones by G.R.R Martin, and it was fabulous. Engaging, fun, well-developed characters, and a nice through-line. I’m really looking forward to reading the second one soon. (Although at a hefty 800 pages, I wish it could count as two books on my GoodReads Book Challenge, where I’m trying to read 125 books by the end of the year).

I just got these two books and started reading I Knew You’d Be Lovely and it is most excellent. Wow, short stories can be so beautiful and moving.

Although I’ve not had a chance to try this Notch Session Beer yet, I’ve heard most excellent things about it. I am hoping to visit the newly opened Refuge Cafe in Allston, where it’s on tap.

As always, I’m enjoying these two pumpkin beers:

And, on a last note, Mystic, CT is one of the cutest seatowns I’ve ever visited.  The people were all friendly and talkative,  plus the entire main street was aghast when a driver drove like an a*@hole.  I mean, wow, yeah, I want to live somewhere where everyone’s reaction is to frown at bad drivers.

2 Responses to “Fall: a time for beer, reading, & tweeting”

  1. laura k October 11, 2011 at 7:55 pm #

    I’m glad you enjoyed my post on The Desk Set. I’m guessing that you’re attending Simmons (it sounds like you’re in Boston…), which is where I got my degree! There are some great people there, and lots of great activities to get involved in. Good luck in the land of librarianship!

    • mzpinetree October 13, 2011 at 2:51 pm #

      Thanks, Laura! I am in Boston, but I’m actually going to do the San Jose State online program because I have to work and go to school,and Simmons is a wee bit out of my budget! But I’ve heard good things about it from other folks. I am looking forward to school very much. I hope to read more great posts from you too!

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