Pizza & beer: the perfect combo

13 Nov

Tonight I had the pleasure of visiting the newest location of Stone Hearth Pizza in Allston, MA, which is right around the corner from my house (score!).  I had been looking forward to this visit for several reasons: 1)They use local, sustainable ingredients whenever possible; 2)They have local, craft beer; 3) They converted an old gas station into a sustainably built restaurant; 4)They reply to my tweets and invited me to ask for  executive chef Michael Ehlenfeldt!!  (One of the many reasons I am now a huge convert to Twitter!).

I am happy to report I wasn’t let down on any account.  The restaurant looks great on the inside from the wood beamed ceiling to the (what looks like) repurposed glass light fixtures to the old map on the wall in the bathroom of Western Ave. & N. Harvard Street. The  ambience was great with perfect lighting and music at just the right level. It felt “hip” and “fun”, but very welcoming and comfortable (and family friendly). Every staff member we interacted with was very friendly and cheerful. I want to give a special shout out to our waitress (whose name I unfortunately forget) who shared with us her favorite pizza, The Divine Goddess, described on the menu as “Our healthful version of a white pizza”.  When we asked about getting the Farm Fresh pizza sans prosciutto, she made sure to tell us that the meat never touches the pizza because they understand how important that is to vegetarians. As a life-long vegetarian and as one who recently had a terrible experience at a pizza place where they served me pizza with chicken they had picked off (appalling & disgusting), I was extremely happy that she took the time to reassure us about this detail.  We ended up ordering The Divine Goddess, which was very flavorful with spinach, broccoli, and local ricotta cheese. YUM!

I was also quite impressed with the beer selection, which included, but was not limited to: Allagash Beer,  Rapscallion Brewery, Harpoon,  and  Pretty Things.  I chose the Allagash Tripel, a tasty golden ale with passion fruit, honey, and herbal notes, which was a nice compliment to The Divine Goddess.  Coming in at 9% ABV it packed quite a punch!  My friend got a Rapscallion Premier, a golden, Belgian inspired ale that she enjoyed.

We got to meet Michael Ehlenfeldt after our meal! We made sure to tell him we loved the pizza, beer, and the tiramisu that was made on site (this alone was worth going for!!).  He reassured us that this was not, nor ever going to be a “coors light” kind of place, thank goodness! For those of us who love and appreciate good beer and food, it’s nice when a new restaurant opens up in the neighborhood that is committed to serving local, scrumptious fare.  If you live in the area, please support local business and check it out! I can’t wait to go back–I hope to become a regular 🙂

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